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For all of us in the office it’s really important that, on a personal and professional level, we are doing our bit for the environment. We are always on the lookout for the most eco-friendly products on the market, and in an attempt to help you with all your promotional merchandise needs, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite eco alternatives for you!


The Nature Plus Pen
Not only is this pen very stylish, and manufactured in a huge range of colours, it is also a great eco-friendly option to the usual plastic pen. It is made from renewable raw materials (sugar cane), genuinely biodegradable, and made in Europe. The factory it is made in used 100% green electricity and all of their production waste is reused or recycled, and when it is delivered they avoid airfreighting their products to make their carbon footprint to a minimum.

We absolutely love this pen, and it has a great story to be shared with your customers!

Tatton Jute Tote Bag
These bags are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, and are dyed with AZO free dyes and water based binders, and with a bespoke laminated jute material that is 100% biodegradable to make sure they are entirely eco friendly.

Biodegradable Bottles
These bottles are one of our customers favourites, they are completely biodegradable, made in the UK meaning that the carbon emissions are kept to a minimum, with a huge potential for branding. They can be printed as a full wrap around in a full colour print, all at a low cost!

Healthy Seas Socks
Wearing these socks means your are helping to recover abandoned fishing nets that pollute our seas and coasts. Healthy Seas collect 375 tons of nets and lost fishing gear with the help of divers and fishermen. These nets as well as other waste is recycled into a high-quality yarn and mixed with 100% organic cotton to make these socks. They are great for the environment and are a fantastic promotion for any business!

Travel Mugs
These travel mugs, whilst made of plastic are actually a fantastic eco product. One use mugs from coffee shops and cafes can be terrible for the environment, and these are a great alternative. They are robust and can last for years, but once they are at the end of their working lives, they are fully recyclable. On top of this, they can be designed in full colour, and have a big choice of lid styles and colours.


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